Simple Kneaded Homemade Bread

Simple Kneaded Homemade Bread is a Brazilian recipe that is very easy to follow. This is a bread recipe that is perfect for breakfast next day or afternoon snack. You can be creative and add all sorts of things such as coconut, crystalized fruit or raisins to give an extra taste. This time, I made a simple recipe and didn’t add anything to it. The choice is yours!

Level of difficulty: Easy

Time spent: 10 min to knead
2 hours for the dough to rise
30 min to bake


1 egg
300 g of bread or all-purpose flour
250ml of warm milk
6 table spoons of sugar
4 tablespoons of butter
1 and ½ envelopes of Yeast
1 yok to brush the top of the bread
More flour to reach the right consistency



Your hands and muscles
A roll (recommended)
A culinary brush (recommended)
Big mixing bowl
Wooden spoon

How to make it:

Grab the 300 g of flour and pour in the mixing bowl. Reserve.

Warm the milk then put all first six ingredients from the list in the blender. Leave it on for about a minute, until the yeast is completely blended in the mixture.

Pour the mixture on top of the flour in the mixing bowl. With a wooden spoon, mix the content together until it starts to become solid. Put the spoon away and start adding flour to the mixture.  At this time, start kneading the dough with your hands and keep adding flour until the dough is not sticking to your fingers anymore. Use the roll to help with this process. Once it becomes good homogenous dough, cover the mixing bowl with a paper towel and a kitchen towel on top of it. Reserve it to rise for about 1 hour.



After an hour…..

Go back to the dough and knead it some more.  Use the roll to spread the dough a couple of times. Bring it back to the mixing bowl, cover all up again and let it rise for another hour.


After another hour…

Turn on the oven on 300F. Knead the dough one more time. Model your bread and place it on a butter greased tray.
Grab the yok (only the yok) and beat it on a separate bowl. With the culinary brush, spread the yok on top of your bread so that it grabs a nice tan while in the oven!
Put the bread in the oven to bake for 25-30 minutes. Check with a fork to see if bread is done. Enjoy!


My Tips:
When greasing the tray, it makes it helpful to powder some flour in it also in order to help release the bread afterwards.
Place a tray or an aluminum cup filled with water in the oven when putting the bread in the oven to bake. It helps with the humidity inside the oven causing the crust to be crunchy but the inside of the bread to be soft.

Let me know in your comments below if you have done it or if you have any good tips for bread making!




2 thoughts on “Simple Kneaded Homemade Bread

    1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing a recipe! I will definitely try it next.
      The one I made turned out really good! Let me know how yours turn out 😉


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