New York City through the lens of history

Ellis Island, 1900’s – Immigration is at its peak. Through Ellis Island, United States welcomed over 12 million of immigrants through early 1900’s. Those people of diverse backgrounds, helped to build the United States that we see today. They sold all they had back in their homelands to move to the land of opportunity. At their arrival at Ellis Island, people were carefully screened for physical and mental illnesses as they would only be admitted into the main land if they were fit to work. About 2% of the immigrants were excluded from entering the country – if they carried a contagious disease or if the inspectors thought the immigrant would likely become a public charge. The ones diagnosed with having certain diseases, were marked and taken to different wards at the Ellis Island Hospital in hopes to be treated and nursed back to health. Immigrants helped shape the country as a whole and diversify our society. All we have today, we owe much to them.
Decades after the immigration wave died down, Ellis Island was abandoned in 1954. Fast forward to another century, in 2014 the contemporary French artist JR brought the “shadows” back to the abandoned hospital with the installation called “Unframed – Ellis Island.” The installation on the walls and windows of this abandoned hospital is really powerful and worth a visitation. With so much care and thoughtfulness translated into art form, JR surely brought the Ellis Island abandoned hospital back to life.

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New York City through the lens of art

New York City is one of the cities where you can always find something new to do or something new to see. This city is as beautiful as it is chaotic.
New York City tells its own story through the dirt plastered on the walls underground and through much artwork found on the streets above ground. People walking to and from places in the City; make the island of Manhattan one of the busiest in the planet. Unfortunate is that people rarely stopped “to smell the roses.” Maybe they are just used to the scene. More than telling a story through an artwork, street artists are sending a message through each piece, many of which are of social nature.
With so many laws that make street art mostly illegal in New York City, the work put on the streets should be more contemplated. After all, having your artwork on the walls and streets of New York is a true victory. That is, if you don’t get caught.

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