Haaaave you met Stromae?

Absolutely one of my favorite musicians!

Natural of Brussels, Paul van Haver mostly known as Stromae is one of a kind. Stromae’s music is a combination of various musical influences such as hip hop, Congolese, house, Caribbean, and Coladera music. His lyrics are thought provoking and his style – oh so unique! Stromae is largely successful across Europe and his last album Racine Carrée is the best yet.
Although all of the lyrics are in French, the songs get you moving and singing along. From time to time I look up online for a translation in order to learn more about the story the song is delivering, but the truth is that this whole effort isn’t entirely necessary. Beautiful music does have the ability to involve, communicate, and connect. Stromae can do just that.


Papaoutai/ Dad, where are you?
“…everyone knows how to make babies but nobody knows how to make fathers.”


Tous Les Mêmes/ All the same
A perspective about love relationships and its ridiculousness from the woman’s perspective.


Formidable/ Wonderful (satirical)
A song about loneliness. The video clip, a social experiment.


Ave Cesaria (Acoustic)
A tribute to Stromae’s biggest idol, Cesaria Evora. She was a popular singer from Cape Verde also known as the Barefoot Singer for the habit of singing barefoot. Stromae met Evora back in 2011 right before her death. This song is a tribute to her and remembrance of their encounter.