The Soulful Joss Stone

Jocelyn Eve Stoker, mostly known as Joss Stone, was born in 1987 in Dover, England. Blessed with powerful, deep, and soulful pipes, she released her first album titled The Soul Sessions at the age of 16. The Soul Sessions was the album that made me fall in love with her music.


Photo from Fault Magazine

I remember listening to her music on my little MP3 player on my way to my English School. Most of the times I was going to class, it was raining. I remember sitting on the bus and singing along in my head to her lyrics. At that time I was still developing my English skills so I would bring lyric sheets to follow along with the music. The songs on replay were always “The Chokin’ Kind” and “Victim of a Foolish Heart.” To this day, if I am driving somewhere on a rainy day, I play that album.

The Soul Sessions’ album was followed by Mind, Body, and Soul, another great piece. This album was still very soulful given one of my favorite tracks  Right to Be Wrong and Spoiled, but it also brought a bit more of a fun vibe with the tracks “Don’t Cha Wanna Ride” and “Snakes and Ladders.” Next Joss released Introducing Joss Stone in 2007, which is another favorite of mine. This album is a bit more funky and upbeat, with stunning collaborations with Common and Lauryn Hill. Later, Joss released Colour me Free in 2009, LP1 and Best of Joss Stone in 2011, The Soul Sessions Vol. 2 in 2012, and the latest Water For Your Soul in 2015. All of her albums were exceptional, but nothing else compares to her first three albums. After Mind, Body, and Soul, Joss started veering off the more heartfelt soulful jams but she rescued that style back in The Soul Sessions Vol. 2.
Joss Stone is a kind and free spirit human being who makes amazing music. I am so glad to have discovered her sound right from the beginning and to follow her music through time. I have all of her music on vinyl, well at least the albums that I can put my hands on. I am yet to see her live. It is on my bucket list.  

Chokin’ Kind


Victim of a Foolish Heart


Right to Be Wrong




Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now (feat. Common)


I Don’t Want to Be With Nobody But You




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