Drag Art + Brazilian Pop Music

No doubt that the drag art is extremely versatile. Think of RuPaul’s Drag Race – The talent among the contestants overflows. RuPaul himself worked really hard to earn the visibility that he has today. It takes a lot of work, creativity, courage, and strength to be a drag queen. In Brazil, the drag art is getting public visibility through music and I couldn’t be more excited!

The LGBTQ community in Brazil is one of the largest in the world. However, Brazil is a very religious country with traditional views, the queer community hasn’t gained the public visibility it deserves. Within the LGBTQ community, much of what is reaching the heterosexual public now is already familiar and contemplated by them. The TV show in Brazil called Amor & Sexo (Love and Sex) is helping to bring awareness to all forms of love, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, and respect for people regardless of their religious views and gender identity. The show is presented by Fernanda Lima and it features guests of all gender identities who discuss topics about relationships, sexuality, current issues, and more. This show is streamed through the most famous open channel of Brazilian TV and it is giving Drag Queens a platform to show their art.

The fusion of Drag Art with the popular music scene of Brazil is breaking barriers. These artists are making hit after hit connecting with people across the nation and bringing a breath of fresh air to Brazilian pop music. Check out these poderosas singers: 

Pablo Vittar

Gloria Groove

Rico Dalasam

Aretuza Lovi

Banda Uo