Spirit Airlines Review

Flying somewhere nowadays can require some financial planning. Airfare can be expensive for the days and times that you are  looking for. I’ve spent weeks looking for a good deal on airfare from Washington, DC to Chicago, Il and would always come across lower $300 tickets. Every time I looked online I thought to myself “I could find something better than this!” Until I did find something better – Spirit Airlines offered airfare round trip for $150. Amazing price – I didn’t even think about the catch.

Here’s the catch:

Flying with Spirit, you are responsible for paying for your luggage. So yeah, no free carry on. However, they do allow you to bring one free personal item.


The check in process is paid if you do it at the airport. Free if you do it online.

Seats – they are also paid IF you want to choose where to sit. If you are flying solo and don’t care where to sit like me, no need to purchase this.

The airplane was ok, like any other. The crew was actually really nice and made the announcements comical in the beginning. The crew also gives a “lucky winner” 5.000 miles to use toward another airfare.

The duration of my trip was 4 days, so packing was tricky but possible with that one free personal item (I will review my packing bag on a future post).

Overall, Spirit wasn’t that bad. Great price range if you are planning to pack incredibly light.